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Workforce Development

  • Expand successful programs, including work-and-learn, pathways, and retooling/retraining
  • Access to skilled workforce
  • New programs to help introduce women and girls to manufacturing
  • New curriculum for K-8 to introduce manufacturing to 6,000 students in Utah.  Read more…

Small Business

  • Leverage federal programs from the Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Leverage state programs for veteran and small businesses to support defense manufacturing. Read more…


  • Collaborate among Utah research institutions and defense community to match research to the defense manufacturing requirements.
  • New research project of how composites can support the AFRL and continue research of using coal to develop carbon fiber as a lower-cost material for DoD aircraft. Read more…

Supply Chain

  • Improve agility of defense manufacturing supply chain by adding functionality to the CONNEX-Utah supply chain that includes workforce, research, and additive manufacturing.
  • Develop plan for reshoring manufacturing to Utah
  • Engage in supply chain development for the USAF Agility Prime program for advanced air mobility. Read more…

Think Like A CEO

Think Like A CEO
for Women in Manufacturing 

Dr. Tulinda Larsen, Executive Director

May 20, 2022

Weber State University - Video Report

On December 10th, Weber State University reported out the work being conducted under the UDMC research pillar on the commercial viability of using coal tar to extrude carbon fiber.

Davis Technical College




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