Supply Chain 

UDMC supply chain programs reached 134 companies and added 65 new capabilities to the CONNEX supply chain platform, which benefits DoD by providing a clearer more agile, and diversified supply chain. America Makes contributed specifications for additive manufacturing, plus working groups provided specifications for research and workforce modules. These new capabilities will be launched in April, 2022 and provide enhanced resources for the UDMC.

Based on research conducted under the UDMC, the Utah Governor’s offices successfully introduced Senate Bill 212, Modernizing Manufacturing Grant Program. In February (2Q, 2022) there were hearings and the funding level was set at $10million for grants to companies for reshoring manufacturing to the United States. In March (3Q, 2022) the legislation and funding passed and is now being sent to the Governor for signature. Reshoring benefits DoD by creating more opportunities to “Buy America” with less dependence on potentially unfriendly countries.


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